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I’m a young kid, and the NBA Coaches coach the most Advanced players in the world, is eCoachBasketball right for me?

Absolutely.  eCoachBasketball has content for all levels of players: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced.  A lot of the NBA Coaches have young kids so they know what you need to work on.  

On what devices can I watch the eCoachBasketball Tips & Drills?

You can login to your account and watch videos on an iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Tablet, Android and on the web.

How many videos are there in an eCoachBasketball Subscription?

There are well over 150 videos in the initial eCoachBasketball launch with new videos being added every Week!!

That’s a lot of video content. Will I get lost?

Very unlikely.  The videos are organized by Difficulty (Beginner, Intermediate,
Advanced), topic (Dribbling, Shooting & Finishing, Post Play, etc) as well as by NBA Coach.

You can also Search by Key Word and Favorite videos and collections to easily come back to later.

Is eCoachBasketball for players or coaches?

BOTH!!  The library of videos includes Tips & Drills for Individual Improvement as well as Tips, & Drills and Plays specifically for teams.

I get all of this for just $6.99 a month or $69.99 a year?

Yes.  Also, in the eCoachBasketball iOS app you get a Self Evaluation Recording Tool to Record, and Critique your own game with state-of-art Drawing tools and Voice Over.  Just like you see on TV!

How do I subscribe to eCoachBasketball?

Just click HERE

What can I do inside of the eCoachBasketball app?

eCoachBasketball is an avenue for athletes, coaches, parents, and fans to be able to learn from the best basketball coaches on the planet! You can purchase and watch tips and drills from NBA coaches inside of the app. Additionally, you can use the video analysis tools to record and then analyze your own videos on the iOS app.

Will eCoachBasketball release new tips and drills over time?

Yes! eCoachBasketball will release new tips and drills from coaches across the NBA every week. 

Can I download videos and watch without Wifi or phone service?

Of course! Download the videos you want to watch on the plane or bus ride and you will be able to view and enjoy, even without access to the internet.

Where can I change my password?

To change your password, go to your Profile Page and click “Change” to the right “Password.” An email notification will be sent upon your completion of this action.

Where do I go for technical assistance?

For all technical assistance, tap “Help” inside of the eCoach app in the top left corner of the Videos tab. From there, tap “Press Here” under “Need More Help?” If your question is not answered, please email eCoach at

How do I cancel my subscription?
  • If you purchased your Subscription on the eCoachBasketball app via iTunes, then you will have to cancel your subscription on iTunes. To do that you will need to go to your iTunes/appstore and go to Subscriptions.
  • If you purchased your Subscription on the web then you will have to cancel your subscription on the web. Log into your account and click the 3 lines in the top left of the screen. Click Manage Subscription then click on Cancel Subscription.
  • You will still have access for 30 days from your last bill date.



Don't see your question answered? Please CONTACT US

Where can I purchase premium Tips and Drills?

You can access and purchase tips and drills at your academy’s online web locker. This is the academy that you joined through your profile page after registering your eCoach account. If you do not have access to your online web locker, please reach out to eCoach via email at

Do I need an eCoach account to purchase and view content?

Yes. Currently, the universal eCoach app does not allow for purchases through in-app purchases. With that being the case, you will need an eCoach account before purchasing content. This will give you the full experience of eCoach!

Is eCoach available for iOS only?

eCoach’s full flagship app (connect with a coach/athlete, sharing video, view purchased tips and drills) is iOS only. However, an eCoach Player/Viewer App is available for Android and Apple TV. These apps will allow you to view tips and drills purchased through the eCoach Video Store.

Where in the eCoach app can I view my purchased tips and drills?

You can view your purchased tips and drills inside of the eCoach app under the icon that looks like a shopping cart. Additionally, you can view your tips and drills on the web when you are logged into your academy(ies).

What is an academy/team?

An academy is our way of grouping coaches by sport, position, level, and more. Most academies are single businesses with their own coaching staff. eCoach’s premium academies are individuals and businesses that have been accredited by eCoach.

How do I connect with a coach?

To connect with a coach, click on the My Locker icon (icon that looks like a locker) and click “New.” From here select a coach to start a conversation with!

What if the only coach I see is eCoach Support?

This means you haven’t joined an academy/team yet. To join an academy/team of your choosing, go to your profile page (far right icon), tap “Change” next to Team, tap the +sign, choose your sport and academy. You can now connect with your coaches!

What is a video lesson?

A video lesson is when an athlete shares a video(s) with their coach and in return, their coach sends back a fully annotated/coached up video. Athletes have the option to send three videos at once for one video lesson, allowing the coach to decide which video is the most suitable to be coached up.

How can I import videos that were recorded outside of my eCoach app?

If you have recorded videos on your iPhone or iPad outside of the eCoach App, the process of importing those videos is very simple. To do this click “Add” in the top right of the Videos page and then click Camera Roll. From there, choose the video(s) you would like to upload followed by clicking on the check sign.

Who can access my shared videos?

The individuals you share your video(s) with through the eCoach App will be able to view and analyze the content you have shared. At the present time, no one can download training or coached videos from the App to their device’s Camera Roll for privacy and security reasons.

When do I pay for a lesson?

When an athlete submits a video to his coach through the Lessons tab, a charge will be made to their iTunes account. The athlete will be notified of this charge and asked to confirm the charges before they are made. You may also purchase lesson packages at your coach’s academy or through your eCoach on-line locker. If no charge was asked to be confirmed, then your coach is not charging for video lessons at the present time.

How do I invite my own coach?

To invite your own coach, select the “Invite My Coach” button during the registration process. If you want to invite your coach at a later time, recommend that they download the App and set up their own academy. Once established, you can join their academy from your Profile Page.

What sports are on the eCoach app?

eCoach can be used for any and every sport and activity. Being able to access your coach digitally gives you a leg up on your competition. If the sport you are seeking to register under is not listed, sign up under “OTHER SPORT” and contact eCoach.

How do I sync my GoPro?

After clicking on the Camera function of the App located in the middle of the tool bar, you will see the GoPro icon located in the bottom right of the screen. After clicking on the icon, the App will take you through the necessary steps needed to sync your GoPro.

What if I play multiple sports?

That’s great! If you would like to join multiple Academies, you can do so within your profile page. Click on “Change” to the right of your Team to navigate through all of your academies or to join a new one.

Are there best practices for shooting my training video?

When you click on the camera function of the App, we set your FPS rate to 720/30. For best use, we recommend not going above 720/60 as the file sizes will begin to increase along with the FPS rate.

How do I delete videos from my mobile device?

To the right of each video stored in the Videos tab, there are three dots. Click on them and you will have access to several tools. One of them being “Delete.”

Where can I change my password?

To change your password, go to your Profile Page and click “Change” to the right of your password. An email notification will be sent upon your completion of this action.

Where do I go for technical assistance?

For all technical assistance, tap “Help” inside of the eCoach app in the top left corner of the Videos tab. From there, tap “Press Here” under “Need More Help?”If your question is not answered, please email eCoach at

You can also visit eCoach Video University for Athletes or for Coaches.